What is a Dream Starter?

There are those who take the chance to live their passion sharing it with the world, making it a better place.

Have your followed your dreams choosing to share your talent with the world? Are you a driven, inspired teacher, artist, performer, athlete, chef, or an entrepreneur? Then join us at The Dare to Dream Festival and share your talent with our community of dreamers. 

DreamsCo wants to help your business thrive by participating in our Dare to Dream Festival. Participating in the event offers an innovative way to grow your business. The Dare to Dream Festival is all about experiences. Attendees come to try new things, get a taste of what is available to them in their hometown, and get inspired to make their dreams come true. 

At the Dare to Dream Adventures we give you the opportunity to share your unique gift with potential customers in an interactive way. No longer are you competing against keynote speakers, trying to grab people to come to your booth at an event so that you have a second to make your elevator pitch, hand them materials, and beg for a business card. No longer do you need to slash the price of your services on Groupon or Living Social and only get 1/4 of your normal fee.

When you partner with the Dare to Dream Festival - you'll get access to 1000's of potential customers leading up to the event, building on our community and showing off your unique talent while bringing in more revenue. At the event, your special talent will be showcased as you teach attendees, have the chance to perform, show off your talent in our galleries, and be part of a memorable event that changes lives, all while selling your products and services. 

DreamsCo is dedicated to helping your business thrive.


We have a plan that will suit your needs. 


Dream Partner

Have a unique talent or specialty you're trying to share with the world, but you're struggling to find advertising dollars to get your name out there? 

Apply to be at the event for free.

Dream Starter Showcase

Want to showcase your unique business and interactive with 1000's of attendees, but want your own space at the event? Looking to step up your marketing? 

Participation starts at just $600.

Dream Performer

Are you a talented performer looking to sell more products, get your name out there, or get professional video and photographs? Want to perform on a bigger stage?

Apply Here. Space is limited.